advertising services

At Prime Media Agency we can provide you with the following services as one off projects or as ongoing campaigns, as appropriate:

Advertising strategy: bespoke and industry research, plus your consumer/customer/player sales data are analysed to gain insight, then used to devise the strategy you should follow, in order to reach your business and marketing objectives.

Auditing: assessing the effectiveness of your current advertising in context of your business characteristics, the competitive arena and your target audience behaviours and preferences.

Media planning and buying: planning advertising campaigns and subsequently buying specific advertising to maximise the visibility of your advertising for a given budget.  This could be in one medium, or integrated across several media and could include the traditional forms of advertising (TV, for example) and digital media (social media, for example).

Advertising design and production: creating advertisements appropriate to specific media and specific messaging at any given time, to maximise conversions to sales.

International, National and Regional media solutions: delivering campaigns as small as  a selected postcode area for precise targeting in the UK, to multi-market territories, globally.

Should you like to enquire further…

If you would like to see if Prime Media Agency could assist you in your advertising project or campaign, please either call us or contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page.  Following an initial conversation, we would be delighted to respond to your brief with a no obligation free proposal.