Prime Media Agency

At Prime Media Agency, we believe we have a unique media offer for our clients.


PMA, why we are different from the other run of the mill media agencies…

We are independent. We are international, national and regional. We are planners and buyers of all media. We are proudly platform neutral, we use only the right TV channels, radio stations, digital platforms, print publications and OOH sites, to find the correct and optimal balance needed to achieve our clients’ objectives. We nurture our worldwide media owner relationships, some of which we have had for many, many years. Our experience and extensive relationships; with the channels, stations and media owners, ensure we are fiercely competitive when negotiating our pricing. Very often beating rival agencies on price, operating in their own local market. We are nimble, believing in dedicated day-to-day, high level personal servicing. PMA doesn’t have lots of individual profit driven departments and layers of management.


Media Targeting

We always start our media planning with the core client objectives; be that to achieve constant top of mind awareness, direct calls to action, launching new products or change brand perceptions, the result is, of course, to drive sales. PMA have the target audience at the heart of all our thinking, by analysing client and industry data, and using our own bespoke tools to gain insight. We don’t believe in demographic labelling of the end user/customer/consumer/gamer, we want to understand them as a real person, starting with them in the centre, working outwards as we understand their communication touch points. This process then determines the media channels and the geographical hot spots to reach our target audience, with a motivating and persuasive message.


We create standout in an increasingly, fragmented and cluttered media environment to promote our clients’ products to their end customer. PMA can plan all media channels; TV, radio, out of home and print, as well as across all digital capabilities and disciplines. We understand how and when these media need to work together, to leverage and maximise clients’ media monies. This includes creating and maximising apps for mobile and building effective websites. We really understand how an effective website should work, optimised to create the best customer experience, but importantly built to ensure sales.


Our people

‘A business is only as good as it’s people’. This is so true. We think it is very important to have human attention to detail to optimise across all aspects of our buying, not leaving it all to the machines! This means we can pursue excellence. PMA pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality account servicing. We are all ex-board directors and senior managers, who have led planning and buying teams, learning our trade in our individual local markets and then across multiple markets and territories as we moved into the international arena. High calibre, experienced staff, who have earned their stripes in large corporate network agencies and, media owners. We have run international agency hubs worldwide, on some of the largest and well-known household brands, we know how to deliver strategically and tactically, whatever the budget we are given to work with.


PMA’s people, not only have gold award winning media accolades, but also award winning creative and design capabilities. We truly offer bespoke, joined-up solutions for all our clients, whatever their objectives. Tailoring creative messages to the media vehicle required, to target through the right media channel, at the right time, when the consumer is most likely to be in decision mode. We know this is one of the current buzz phrases, but really this does mean PMA offers a 360º tailored media planning, buying and creative solution for all our clients.


At PMA, we only work with people who always strive to be the best and come personally recommended, specialising in their field of discipline. Collectively, we are an awesome team, we are intensely focussed on our client’s needs and targets. There is nothing we want more than to realise their goals. When you meet us, you will feel our passion, we love what we do, and we have the hunger to achieve and deliver your objectives.